Wood from our fields

Carbon-neutral holidays

Eco holidays / renewable energy

Renewable energy is very important to us because it respects our precious environment and nature! We take the meaning of "green holidays" to a whole new level. Enjoy some quality time-off at the Schlettererhof surrounded by orchards, while doing something good for the environment with your carbon neutral holiday in Dorf Tirol.
The Schlettererhof is energy self-sufficient since 2010.
Here at the Schletterhof the expression "eco holidays" is not just a mere slogan.

Log-wood heater – clean and efficient...

In 1988 we installed our first log-wood heater, which we have constantly renewed and improved over the years. We used the energy to heat the water and our house. We get the wood from our fields and forests.

Our photovoltaic system

In 2010 we installed a photovoltaic system on the barn roof, which produces more electricity than we use.

The solar panel system

When there's enough sunlight, our solar-panel system provides all of the hot water we need at the Schlettererhof.